Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Viva, Villa Mexico!

Yes, Villa Mexico is located in Grampy's Gas
Station. Not near. In.
This place bills itself as "an authentic, homemade, Mexican food locale right in the middle of Beacon Hill, in Boston," and it is. You'll think you're in Mexico City... or at least LA. Don't let the establishing shot fool you- it is IN a gas station- just go on trust. Better Mexican fare you won't find in Boston (or much of the northeast), and the customer service is unbeatable, "my friend." Plus, you can fill up, or, as I did, assist a hapless young woman with her choice of motor oil WHILE you eat in front of the power steering fluid display. Go here (and if you don't trust me, read other reviews online):
Villa Mexico

The menu. BTW, the Mole Poblano Burrito is bueno!
Julie King cooks. Or, makes magic, as you'll find out.
Don't leave without some of her homemade salsa.
You've been warned.

Dine in!

House rules. Hygiene is king!

Dinner! And auto maintenance! Perfect together.
And perfectly safe! The marinated chicken burrito
is featured here, along with a great deal on
Power Steering Fluid.


Patti A. said...

Woo-hoo! You're up and running!!
Congratulations! (It's looking really swell, too!)

Joan Oliver Emmer said...

How's the toilet there?

Prof. Diddy said...

I recommend using one of the many clean and sanitary toilets in the hospital across the street. ;-)

malbectruths said...

The protective paper under the chicken burrito is most reassuring.

Prof. Diddy said...

Yes! A perfect germ/scratch-off ticket barrier!