Thursday, June 9, 2011

Goats (and My Hatred of Goat Cheese)

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But it wasn't always this way...

I never liked goat cheese much. Well,... not at all. To me it tasted like male goats smell- you know, that goat-y smell/taste. Anyway, yuck. Make that yuckety-yuck-yuck.

I could agree that goats, themselves, were terrific in other ways. Just couldn't abide by the cheese.

But I kept trying it because both healthy and sophisticated people seemed to like goat cheese. Still, yuck. With dried cranberries? No good. With herbs? Nope. Black pepper? No. Even garlic? Still, no. It didn't matter.

Then, things changed...

My friends, Jane and Susan, kept goats and began to make cheese. Fresh, wonderful, non goat-y goat cheeses! Hard cheeses too! It's great stuff and I was a convert. You can visit them online here: Jane and Susan and their wonderful stuff

Buy their soaps and lotions and stop by to visit them so you can have some cheese!

goat cheese, dairy, food.

Happy Goat Cheese Ending.